What Makes a Good Host?

Hospitality is something that should be prevalent in any trip abroad, especially for vacations that involve home stays and exchanges. For the most part, the person in charge is seen as a leader and is the person who is the expert in the ways of life at the destination. They are looked up to for support, as often times they are the person who knows the most about the particular place that their guest is staying.
The word host actually comes from the Latin word, hostis, which literally means “the one with power.” A host is seen as a person that has power over his or her visitors because they are the one that is looked up to, and therefore should provide them with an excellent experience.

For the most part, people entertain in many different ways. Some hosts provide little support or supervision for their guests, while others take their guests everywhere and make sure they present themselves well.

Hosts are there to help their guests. In foreign countries, a host is often the person that the visitors trust the most because they have allowed them into their home. In this case, a host should provide them with food and shelter and give them advice about how to conduct business, talk to and approach people, and where certain places are located. A host should also lead by example and, if possible, teach their visitors about their surroundings.

Often times, the attitude and helpfulness of a person hosting is the thing that visitors take away from their stay. They will see the host acting in a mild manner and being polite and will assume that is how all people in the particular place that they are staying act. In effect, a common stigma is formed when a host or hostess acts in a polite manner. In so many words, how the host acts is the deciding factor on how visitors and guests view the people of that land as a whole.

Being a host is more than just letting people stay in your home for the night. For many people, hosting involves taking care of an individual that is new to the area and wants guidance and an experience to remember. Being a host to a person from another country or state also volunteers you to be a sort of diplomat for your home. How the guest remembers you will reverberate in their minds for years to come.