Visit London

London is a vast, sprawling city and potential visitors will never run out of attractions to visit thanks to its cultural diversity, free-to-visit landmarks and well-kept treasures all over the map. Travelers planning to fly into London may find great deals on

For those into culture, the British Museum is very famous and holds a good selection of works, dating back to prehistoric times as well as keeping it contemporary with more modern pieces. The Tate Modern, considered London’s home to the contemporary arts, is similar in appeal and sits lushly on the Thames, offering great views of the city and welcoming all guests with its free entry.

Furthermore, those seeking the best views of the city’s limits may wish to take a trip up in the London Eye, the world’s third largest observation wheel, sitting on the South Bank next to the Thames, across the river from London’s parliament. It’s a breathtaking view from up top and takes all of 30 minutes to complete.

For a little bit of whimsical entertainment, Madame Tussauds is always worth a visit, home to a great collection of waxwork figures. From Shakespeare to David Beckham, pop-culture is the order of the day here and it’ll certainly pass an hour or two away.

There are some great spots to head for around London as well, two of the most prominent being Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus, both with their two iconic statues and surrounding views. They’ll be crowded, as always, but they both offer good photo opportunities and are staples of the way London is viewed from the outside, prompting excellent shopping opportunities as well. Westminster is a popular spot as well as it is home to the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, a stunning group of structures that loom high above the Thames, a constant and iconic sight of London.

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Tower of London is, arguably, one of London’s top tourist attractions. It’s a beautiful building, completely out of context with its contemporary London surroundings. Visitors can roam the grounds and buildings, gaze at the crown jewels and get a glimpse of the famous red outfits of the beefeaters. Elsewhere, Buckingham Palace, home to the Queen, is an exquisite building, a celebration of royalty and a homage to one of the greatest cities on Earth.

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