Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world. It has everything to offer a tourist, the world famous sights, the cafes, the museums and the experiences.

The first attraction on almost every tourist’s itinerary is the Eiffel Tower. Famously built for the 1889 Worlds Fair, the tower has become one of the most recognised landmarks in the world and is synonymous with France. Adventurous tourists can walk up the first two levels, before joining the other tourists in the lift up to the third level. The top level affords tremendous 360° views of Paris.

From the top of the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysee is easily recognisable. A straight road that symbolises the extravagance which Paris has to offer. A shopping street which provides the showroom for all of the world’s top fashion houses and the centre of Paris’ high culture.

At the end of the Champs Elysee, stands the Arc de Triomphe. A monument dedicated to the soldiers who died during the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars. A central hub for all of the traffic in Paris, the Arc has become one of the world’s most dangerous roundabouts. A six lane centre of confusion is only aided by the multitude of possible exits to any would be adventurer. There are two subways that allow pedestrian access to the monument and tourists can climb to the roof to get another view of Paris.

The Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral is almost as iconic as the Eiffel Tower. Either recognised for the outstanding French Gothic architecture or for a hunchback which is said to have lived in the bell tower. The square in front of the western entrance is awash with lively cafes and places to pick up lunch and enjoy the sights of Paris.

The river Seine runs straight through the heart of Paris and is a great way to see all of the sights from the comfort of a luxury cruiser. The Effiel Tower, Notre Dame, Musée du Louvre, the Pont Neuf, the Grand Palais were all built on the shores of the Seine and are extremely photographic. They encapsulate everything that Paris has to offer, the stunning views and the decades of heritage.

Paris transforms at night, the lights come on and light up the whole city. The Eiffel Tower becomes a lighthouse in the dark and helps everyone to safely navigate the city.

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