Brighter Side of the World

It’s amazing to think about how specific places on the globe, whether places of intense beauty like Cumbria or not, have been knitted together into a new web of humanity.


That starts with these places having a place in the minds and imagination of people other than those living in those places. This is how the Web comes in handy.




Fanciful Map



The newest map of this planet includes places like the Lake District, beloved by people (and animals!), all around the globe. But not as just dots on a paper map, all these places have the opportunity to be represented online with remarkable detail, on the new map.


When we think about the world today, our ideas are radically different from the ways past generations conceived it. The simple explanatory fact about that is the way the Internet is altering our sense of scale and distances.


But it isn’t just the Web. Change to the image of our very place in the universe is happening from the inside out, as the sciences and medical pioneers teach us more about the inner workings <> of the human body, as well as about the planet itself.



Environmental by Necessity



People may be afraid of natural disasters. But the truth is, if we all take care of our own corners of the planet, while remaining aware of the whole’s situation with all our choices, things may pull up by simple necessity.


We would like to think that demonstrating a global-local attitude in our own community, and getting hands-on about our local part of the wider world, we provide a good model for other localities.


There are a lot of things changing in society, with global technology as well as the role that the Web plays in everybody’s life. Trends like casinos going online, for example at, hints at a whole new era of using physical spaces better, taking care of the lands we still have intact.


Around The World Travelling: The 7 Wonders

We are sure you’ve heard of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – the amazing classical antiquity constructions that have been destroyed by the hands of time. But since new times always bring along new things, we now have 7 brand New Wonders of the World enthusiastic tourists can take great pride in – and start planning to visit: the Taj Mahal in India, Machu Picchu in Peru, Petra in Jordan, the Colosseum in Rome, the Pyramid at Chicken Itza in Mexico, the Great Wall of China, and the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro. If you have never had the chance to see any of these new 7 Wonders, it’s high time you did. They have been officially voted and recognized by more than 100 million people during the Declaration Ceremony in 07.07.07, during a special ceremony,


Budget Planning: Visiting The 7 New Wonders


Budget a prolonged vacation if you can afford one and visit all 7 Wonders at a time for a truly unique experience. If that is not something you can afford, plan several vacations and get the chance to see other interesting touristic attractions in the countries hosting each of the New World Wonders. If you are a fan of casino games, the Ladbrokes Games are just what you need to start your journey with a free trip to one of the magnificant 7 wonders of the world. Their monthly draw will take one lucky player on a luxury adventure for two people to either of the before-mentioned destinations across the planet.


What To Expect?


If you happen to be the big winner, you will be flying business class and spend 7 nights at a luxurious hotel in the country where the Wonder you will be seeing can be found. And this is not all: you will also get to spend £1,000 in the form of free pocket money – think of the souvenirs you could be bringing back home from China or Brazil! Needless to say a visit to the Wonder you have gained a trip to will be the centerpiece of your special trip. In case your luck fairy decides not to pay you a full visit, you could still claim your share of a £1,000 prize pool offered to the first 100 runner ups – not to mention the fun in playing your favorite slots games for a chance to travel and see the Wonders.   

What are Travel Blogs?

What are Travel Blogs?

What is a travel blog? It is your best friend when you want to make a travel reservation. The travel blog has emerged as the number one consumer choice to research a domestic or foreign destination. Comprised of in-depth travel articles and non-biased hotel customer reviews, the travel blog cuts to the chase regarding hotel amenities, local sightseeing and discloses the perks and pitfalls of a hotel reservation in your target town.

Travel Blog Hotel Reviews

The travel blog hotel review eliminates the element of surprise when you are hunting for the perfect hotel. Travelers post their comments on the pros and cons of each hotel property, thus giving the consumer and accurate overall picture of the destination. Find out about the hotel’s level of service, cleanliness, dining options and room quality before you make your next reservation.

Travel Blog For Value

The travel blog contributors are ready and willing to share their unique experience for a quick weekend getaway or overseas adventure. The smart and savvy traveler will browse the blog reviews to get ideas to find the super saver deals. All-inclusive vacations, websites for discounted airfares and seasonal sales are explored on the travel blog to keep the consumer abreast of the facts.

Travel Blog Photos

A travel brochure will represent a destination in the best light possible. However, the truth may not be told when a corporate giant is soliciting for new business. The travel blog welcomes users to share their vacation photos of the hotel property and local environment. Candid traveler photos tell the real story and can make or break your decision to book an accommodation. Blog users do not receive any compensation for their contributions. Rather, it is a community of free information exchange to help each other choose the best hotel and tour plans that they can afford.

Knowledge is power and today’s travelers need all the help they can get. In most cases, blogging services are free to the consumer, so the seasoned traveler will put the blogs to good use. Searching for travel information on the blogs saves time, can stretch your travel budget, and ensures the consumer has made the right hotel choice. Before booking your next fabulous getaway, be sure to check the blogs for photos, facts and figures that will give you the tools to select the best hotels and destinations worldwide.

The good of traveling

The good of traveling

Have you ever asked yourself why traveling is good for you? What are the actual benefits you can get from it? Not only is a vacation great for your mind, body and soul, but it can also help you become well-rounded. Whether you are going away for the weekend, or planning a vacation that will take you to the other side of the world, traveling can open you up to all kinds of possibilities.

Going away is one of the best ways to recharge your tired batteries, as long as you are well-organized with the planning of your trip. Not only is traveling invigorating, but it can also help you find your inner child again and relearn to discover fun things to do. Everyday life can be very stressful, and if you do not pay attention and take some time off, like stop and smell the roses, you could literally make yourself sick.

If you are planning on traveling overseas, it might be the perfect opportunity to learn a new language. Even if you are just learning the basicslike going to Paris and learning how to say please, thank-you and hello in French, it is an excellent and fun way to exercise your brain. Another way to expand your mind is by traveling to places that you have never been to before. Before you take off, you can study the geography of the country which will give you an idea of where to go, what to see and how much distance you will be covering.

There is nothing more satisfying then trying something that you have never done before. Once you shoot down the rapids in the Grand Canyon, climb the highest peak in New Zealand, or go zip lining through the Brazilian rainforest, you will begin to realize just how important and satisfying traveling really is.

Most people love to eat, and one of the best things about traveling is the food. Steer clear of the world-wide fast food chains, and try some of the local delicacies. The best way to experience the food in a country like Thailand, for example, is to book a hotel room in Bangkok with a kitchenette and buy groceries fresh from the market every day. It’s a really economic and simple way to try new meal. Plus you will be able to eat healthier than you would if you were to eat in restaurant or local fast food joint. Eating something that you have never tasted before is one of the best ways to open up your mind to new possibilities.

Getting to know the locals is one of the best ways to expand your mind, body and soul. You may be surprised to learn new things about the culture that will give you a better understanding of the country that you are visiting. It might also influence your life once you get back. Numerous travelers are returning home with new living customs or cooking techniques that will stick with them forever.

Nobody likes to be in a rut, and unfortunately most people find themselves stuck in a mundane routine. Traveling will give you a fresh outlook on life and teach you things that you would never learn at the local pub.

What Possibilities Are There to Plan a Nice Budget Travel?

What Possibilities Are There to Plan a Nice Budget Travel?

With improved technologies, cheaper flights, and better infrastructures around the world, traveling for pleasure has become easier than ever. Even with all the modern conveniences, though, traveling can still often be an incredibly costly endeavor. For this reason, travel is still seen by many as simply a luxury of the rich. This is changing, though, and there are quite a few ways to lessen travel costs so that even those on the tightest budgets can manage some trips, if they are willing to be flexible. Budget travel takes extra planning, but is certainly a viable option. More

What are the benefits of a travel insurance?

What are the benefits of a travel insurance?

Travelers who buy travel insurance will be prepared for any calamity or emergency that might hit them while in a foreign country. Insurance policies bought in the United States may not extend coverage into foreign lands. More

Travel Agencies Still a Great Bargain

Travel Agencies Still a Great Bargain

In the age of the Internet, many people think that you no longer need a travel agency. They believe you can go online and book your own trip without using a travel agency and get the same service and prices. Nothing could be further than the truth. Your local travel agency still provides a valuable service that you just can’t get on your own. More

What Makes a Good Host?

Hospitality is something that should be prevalent in any trip abroad, especially for vacations that involve home stays and exchanges. For the most part, the person in charge is seen as a leader and is the person who is the expert in the ways of life at the destination. They are looked up to for support, as often times they are the person who knows the most about the particular place that their guest is staying. More

Hospitality: What Is It?

Hospitality: What Is It?

Hospitality is the relationship between a guest and a host. Today, it refers to the reception people receive when they’re visiting friends and family or while they’re staying at a hotel or eating in a restaurant. Continue reading to learn more about the origins of hospitality, careers where it’s important and hospitality exchange. More

The Homestay Study Abroad or Tourism Program

The Homestay Study Abroad or Tourism Program

A homestay is very similar to a study abroad program or is known as another form of tourism. The idea behind the homestay concept is to have someone come and stay or rent a room in a home in a foreign country and live with a local family. By living with a local family, one would be able to learn the language better and understand the lifestyle of the country better than by coming and staying in a hotel. The homestay concept is becoming very popular in some countries around the world and has proven to be very helpful economically for the families who are willing to rent out a room in their home. This thought process used to only be done by students but is growing in popularity among various age groups. More