Italy is more than pizza

Italy is a wonder by itself. After passing magnificent landscapes you will find yourself in towns and villages full of an amazing history which shown in the rich cultural heritage. The exquisite cuisine will make your tastebuds jump for joy and when you meet the Italian you know for sure that this country just is unique.

Sun, sea & history in the south of Italy

The boot-shaped country is divided in regions which each on their own are special. In the south of Italy you can enjoy the sun from early spring till late autumn. Sandy beaches and turquoise seas invite you to stay from sunrise till sunset. Although it is tempting, there is much more to do in this part of Italy than relaxing on the beach. Pompei will for sure leave an impression on you that will last for a lifetime. Or, visit one of the many roman temples in this region in Italy.

Experience the Italian way of life

A holiday in Italy is an experience. Italian culture and history is everywhere, from small villages to large cities. Do as the Romans do and get a feeling of the Roman lifestyle by driving around on a scooter in the capital of the country. Florence, the city with beautiful musea like the Uffizi gallery can be explored on bike and making a boat tour on the canals of Venice, by far the most romantic city in Italy is certainly recommended.

The Italian and la mama

Italian mothers are highly estimated. Although Italian men wouldn’t admit it out loud, their mother means the world to them. La mama pampers her children and most of all, serves them delicious food. So, when you get a chance, stay with the locals, try the traditional dishes made by la mama.