Hospitality: What Is It?

Hospitality is the relationship between a guest and a host. Today, it refers to the reception people receive when they’re visiting friends and family or while they’re staying at a hotel or eating in a restaurant. Continue reading to learn more about the origins of hospitality, careers where it’s important and hospitality exchange.

Where Did Hospitality Originate?

The modern concept of hospitality dates back to Classical Rome. People invited guests and family members into their homes, shared meals with them and celebrated with them. The concept was that people would start out as strangers, become guests and then, become friends. It turned into a custom that became a major focal point within Roman culture.

Religion also played a role since some some religions required that people be hospitable to the homeless and provide them with a meal or a bed.

The commercial aspect of hospitality, like what’s found in restaurants, bars and hotels, also originated during classical Rome.

What Modern Professions Incorporate Hospitality?

Today, just as in ancient Rome, hospitality is part of the tourism industry and is a major part of the services provided in restaurants, hotels and by airlines. The goal is to make the customer feel welcome, comfortable and satisfied. People who work in food, restaurant and travel industries, practice it by providing guests with quality food, drinks and entertainment.

What is Hospitality Exchange?

Individuals who are interested in traveling around the world can make it easier on themselves and others like them by participating in an exchange. Members have the opportunity to stay in other people’s homes when they travel to different cities or countries. They also open their homes to others.

Participants must provide advance notice and get in touch with their potential hosts ahead of time. Hosts can provide food, guided tours and refreshments, and visitors bring house gifts to express their thanks. This is a cost-efficient and interesting way to travel that can lead to more travel opportunities. It can also provide cultural insight.

Hospitality is an age-old practice that involves seeing to guests’ needs and providing for them while they’re present.