Brighter Side of the World

It’s amazing to think about how specific places on the globe, whether places of intense beauty like Cumbria or not, have been knitted together into a new web of humanity.


That starts with these places having a place in the minds and imagination of people other than those living in those places. This is how the Web comes in handy.




Fanciful Map



The newest map of this planet includes places like the Lake District, beloved by people (and animals!), all around the globe. But not as just dots on a paper map, all these places have the opportunity to be represented online with remarkable detail, on the new map.


When we think about the world today, our ideas are radically different from the ways past generations conceived it. The simple explanatory fact about that is the way the Internet is altering our sense of scale and distances.


But it isn’t just the Web. Change to the image of our very place in the universe is happening from the inside out, as the sciences and medical pioneers teach us more about the inner workings <> of the human body, as well as about the planet itself.



Environmental by Necessity



People may be afraid of natural disasters. But the truth is, if we all take care of our own corners of the planet, while remaining aware of the whole’s situation with all our choices, things may pull up by simple necessity.


We would like to think that demonstrating a global-local attitude in our own community, and getting hands-on about our local part of the wider world, we provide a good model for other localities.


There are a lot of things changing in society, with global technology as well as the role that the Web plays in everybody’s life. Trends like casinos going online, for example at, hints at a whole new era of using physical spaces better, taking care of the lands we still have intact.